Thursday, 11 February 2016

On a Nomad visa to Nepal

End of January was pretty intense after I read on my Indian visa "NON-EXTENDABLE" in bold capital letters. My little precious plan of roaming around India at least till end of March seemed to get a new direction. Thanks to my friend Mukund, who called up his friend Areen, who wrote down to his friend Daniel. 

Here I am. With my bag pack in the flat of ThePilgrim, thanks to Arun, at Mayur Vihar Phase-1 in Delhi. Sorting out my cloth and leaving a summer stuff aside. 
Early morning taxi and comfortable sleepy Delhi behind. Heading to nowhere, when I need to sit at the working table and finish up my submission for the Studio Work in Germany. Two days before submission, I lose all my work in the plane. 

My Nepali trip can be described in three parts: 
  • submission and lucky time difference between Germany and Nepal
  • exploring Kathmandu and local bars with British-Ukrainian gang 
  • heading to volunteer in the village at the Kavre region for the rebuilding of the primary school in the project Recoop Nepal by Moviment Nomada, where I got a lot of learning not only about construction process, materials, but also Catalan and Nepali languages. 
I got such a crazy time in only 16 days that only little by little I get to understand what has happened. Many shocking things took place: bamboo treatment machine, hardware shops in Kathmandu, playing pool unlimited hot shower (gas geyser is the power), Spanish bottle of red wine, amazing hard cheese with toasts for the breakfast and many more. 
Many thanks to the Indian Embassy in Berlin that made this trip to Nepal possible by issuing me my "NON-EXTENDABLE VISA" which made me see Nepal and meet all the beautiful people. 

Now I'm again at ThePilgrim mansion. 
Back on track to India until 28th of March.

Welcome to the Kavre valley, Nepal 
finishing the project without electricity and heater, but with the temple around
Part two: exploring Kathmandu and having fun with the British-Ukrainian gang
Here everyone knows how to work with their hands
Heading to the hills where guys are singing about broken hearts
Stupa by Arniko, as I was told later in Delhi by my friend Arun

Part three: Recoop Nepal and the life in the village. Rebuilding the school
Localities and discussion over the bamboo price
Everyday views. These people are truly rich
Thanks to Indian Embassy: I got my passport 4 hours before the flight!
Leaving to come back

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