Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Hilarious stories also happen to me in this trip. 
Today I came to the same place as the day before to have a dinner. 
The waiter was constantly smiling like a Thai person. You know, this smile when you can see all the white teeth and you feel that sun is shining? :) 
I asked for a tomato salad and veg.chili garlic noodles and went to the washroom. When I came out the guy was confused and waiting for me. He asked again the name of the dish with a smile. 
When he brought up the meal he also gave me a tomato sous. I got surprised. I asked if tomato salad is coming and he said that here it is. I got surprised again. He was smiling. 
I understood that we are talking about different things. 
I took the menu in my hands and he started to smile even more "Oh! tomato salad!" 

When he brought the salad he said that it suits to my kurta. 
And that I look beautiful in this Indian outfit. :) 
such a story. 
Khana bahut badhiya hai! (Bon Appetite!) 

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