Sunday, 10 January 2016


Few things I found very common between Ukraine and India and they are people and connection to the land. In fact, first friends I made in Germany were Ukrainian girl, Anna, and Indian guy, Hamed. Both of our cultures are very warm and welcome. Strangers become friends through sharing meals and having discussions about life experience almost in the first day. People opens up fast for each other. 
While traveling in India, I experienced same thing. 
I made many connections here on a different levels.
Once I got scared of a person while I was traveling on overnight bus from Jaipur to Ahmedabad. The bus was full of men, which is regular thing for this part of the world, but still sometimes shocking for me, as a foreigner. I was asked by the bus driver to take my seat. My neighbor was a young guy. He immediately started a conversation. He was talking so much that at some point I got a bit scared on why is he talking a lot in the middle of the night. He started to show pictures on his phone; he also told me that he was flying for the first time in his life last week; than that half a year ago he got married and he continued to show pictures of his beautiful wife. At some point I told him that I don't feel very well and that I feel hungry. 
Eventually, bus stopped. He asked me what I want to eat and if I want to visit a washroom, if I need him to go with me. At that moment I realized that he was trying to take care of me as if he was my elder brother and there was no point for me to be scared of him. He was a very sweet guy, who was very happy to share his life with me during this night journey. He left the bus in the City of Lakes (Udaipur).   


  1. Beautiful!, is really good you're experimenting new things! :)

    1. Thank you!
      It would be cool if I could know your name :) have a nice evening!

  2. Vasi! am glad to read your experiences and the fact that you are being an optimist and learning whatever you can from them. Besides, your sketches are sensitive and brings out a subjective and objective uniqueness. As I said before, I can't wait to see you here! tight hugs champ!