Friday, 15 January 2016

many calendars one festival

Yesterday and today are two days when people in Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia and India are celebrating pretty similar festivity according to the different calendars*. You can simply call it New Year, but way of celebration are so different! 

In Ahmedabad whole sky was covered with kites during the day and with paper lanterns and firework after the sunset. It was a unique celebration of the Uttarayan, according to the Hindu calendar when winter begins to turn into summer. I was lucky to spend first half of this day in the Heritage House with the Indian family, where I was suddenly invited, while wondering the streets of the Old City and second half with my amazing flatmates on our roof-top terrace. 

Today I would love to wish a Happy Pongal to all the Tamil people! 

*not sure already if the calendars we are using are so different. Ukrainian Old New Year is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, which is true to Pongal, celebrated from 13 till 16 of January by Tamils, is also following the Gregorian calendar. I will do a bit more research on that and come up with the news later. Seems that we share much more in our cultures that it comes from the first glimpse.

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