Friday, 8 January 2016


Coming from very structured space where most of the things are tend to be defined named and marked: street, courtyard, plaza; pedestrian, car-road, bicycle line; human, animal, fruit, vehicle it’s hard to believe that same things exist in environment out here, because at first your eyes see completely new landscape. Everything seems to be so mixed, so dense and at the beginning you ask yourself isn’t it a perfect chaos? Bit a bit you find yourself part of this chaos that apparently also has a very clear structure. It’s not exclusive according to the name, but inclusive, because everything has place and time to be.
There are many layers in this note, but I would prefer to come to each of them bit a bit in each next post. In the end it would make a full story. I’m still looking for a language to write, that’s why it’s also bring some obscurity now.

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